Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection tool that is popular with educational institutions across the world.

Why We Don’t Use Turnitin

Turnitin.com stores all the submitted papers in a database, which is later used to detect plagiarism in students’ papers. This means that if you write a paper and check it for plagiarism using the service, it will be detected as plagiarized when your professor checks your paper again.

In other words, your assignment can only be submitted to Turnitin once. Otherwise, it will NOT be marked as original.

Our Guarantees

All the papers at WriteMyPapers.org are plagiarism-free. We use the professional WebCheck software to make sure that your papers are completely original. This innovative plagiarism-checker finds any instances of plagiarism and will not share your the text of your paper with any third parties.

Thus, we can be 100% sure that we deliver high quality papers and that all our clients are satisfied.