In 2009 it became well-known that such significant areas like rates of infant morality, stability of country’s economic, women’ opportunities and levels of education will be improved greatly if there will be such factor like government birth control low-cost options. The majority of people are looking for government’s help to curb the growth of population. But the governments keep on trying to find out what kind of role they need to place in the family planning helping.

When the question is about family planning, it is usually related to all decisions of every couple concerning when the right time to have kids is or how many kids to have in the family. Such things like abortion, birth planning are very personal aspects and that is the reason why the government interference with these areas is considered to be that intrusive.

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Let’s take a look at the main countries where government planning programs were introduced and were of a great importance.

India. The first program concerning birth control was introduced to the public in 1954. According to this program the population of the country had to keep the rate if their growth below 1.3 %. The government was sure that high population of India was the main detriment of the development of their country. At first the program was quit limited. In 1991 there were more than 140 000 clinics where they rendered service of voluntary sterilization. Although the government did everything possible to control the population, they are still one of the countries with the most rapidly growing number of citizens.

It is impossible to not mention China when touching the birth control question. China’s government started their birth control policy with one-child in a family policy introduction which took place in 1979. According to the data of 2000 they have prevented 250 million births.

Recently we can observe more and more achievements in the field of the reproductive technology. More and more people approach fertility assistance every day. To my mind, it is impossible to give one right answer to the question if the government should intervene in the rights of people concerning the family planning. The point is that this aspect has two sides and one of them is ethical. Trying to control the birth rate, the government carries out the duties of God which has never lead to anything good…