Trying to encapsulate your understanding of a complex topic in 800 words or so is a complicated task that calls for different strands of argumentation and persuasion. Here you can find some of the most useful tips on writing a truly remarkable essay, research paper, thesis, personal statement, etc. Use the directory below to find a detailed article on each tip.

Best Resources on Thesis Statement

Don’t Bury Your Thesis Statement

Don’t stick your thesis statement between paragraph sentences because it won’t be noticed. Place it prominently at the end of your first paragraph. To ensure that the thesis statement is not missed by a reader, enforce it with a structure like “the essay will argue” or “the point of the essay is.”

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A thesis statement is a cornerstone of your research paper. Its importance is underscored by the fact that readers are specifically looking for it. Hence, you should ensure that it properly demonstrates your position on the topic at hand.

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A thesis statement is the backbone of a good essay. Its role varies based on the type of essay you write. For example, an informative essay calls for an informative thesis statement rather than an argumentative one. It is essential for you as a writer to learn how to craft a thesis statement that perfectly suits the kind of a paper you are working on. Essentially, a thesis statement is a concise distillation of the main idea of an essay. Avoid making it longer than a sentence or two because your reader will have a hard time interpreting the significance of your argument. Use the thesis statement to introduce the reader to the subject matter under discussion without belaboring any specific points.

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How to Find a Good Research Paper Topic?

Choosing an interesting research topic is a critical phase of the research process. The best way to arrive at an engaging topic is to go through the following steps: brainstorming, background reading, and narrowing.

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You are welcome to use the general writing tips that apply to virtually any type of writing task you might be confronted with at college or university.

How to Approach the Writing of a Master's Thesis?

A master’s thesis is a case in support of one’s candidature for a high academic degree. It is up to you to make that case as solid, convincing, and watertight as possible. Writing a thesis is an intimidating and challenging task that calls for a clear understanding of a subject and passionate determination on the part of the student.

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A master’s essay is a major milestone in an academic career of a student pursuing a master’s degree. When writing the essay, you should be focused on showcasing your ability to use higher cognitive skills through the analysis and synthesis of ideas from disparate sources. Most importantly, you should be aiming at proving to the evaluation committee that you are worthy of a degree. To this end, approach the writing process with the utmost seriousness and diligence.

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The writing of a personal statement is one of the easiest tasks to get right, and yet almost no one does it properly. The key to writing a powerful personal statement is authenticity. You should convince the admission committee that your intentions to apply for a nationally-competitive scholarship – and ultimately pursue a degree – come from a good place. They need to know that you are motivated by decency and passionate striving toward academic excellence.

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