General Tips on Writing a Personal Statement

  • When writing personal statement, try to focus on no more than two or three key issues and provide insight into your personality.
  • Writing a good personal statement requires from you to highlight your positive features and describe them in a way to present you as the most suitable applicant.
  • It is highly important to be yourself while writing personal statements, as "ideal" applicants hardly ever succeed.
  • Always focus on the features the institution of your choice seeks for in applicants when writing a personal statement.
  • It is essential to proofread your personal statement writing for grammar, punctuation, stylistic and other mistakes.

It is no secret that personal statement writing is highly important for your future. It shows not only your personality, but also why you are interested in the given establishment. Thus, it is very important to be careful and accurate when writing personal statements and follow the above listed tips, as well as read the other thematic editions. Approach writing personal statement with responsibility and start long before the deadline to have enough time for proofreading and editing.

  • While writing a personal statement, don't complain or whine; committee doesn't need such students.
  • If you start writing about the motivation that is necessary for your successful work, don't say that your best motivator is money. In the case of writing the personal statement, it won't show you as the candidate they look for.
  • When writing your personal statement, avoid using cliched phrases and ideas. They will do nothing but bore the commission to tears.
  • Keep to the formal style of writing, that is don't use slang expressions or professionalisms and make your statement clear and convenient to read.

As you can see, writing personal statement is not that easy, but manageable, if you have enough time and skills. If you don't and the question of how to write a personal statement is still a topical and urgent one for you, you had better resort to professionals at We can solve all your problems right away.