Imagine that you wake up every single day early in the morning, get up and put on the same clothes you had on yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week, last month and so on. And you’re not the only one who does the same routine every morning. School uniforms become more and more popular. They have left the walls of schools a long time ago. The problem is that along with the positive effects, a school uniform may have a lot of inconvenient aspects to it. Some of them are provided below.

First of all, a big number of students and their parents complain that wearing a school uniform doesn’t let students express themselves. Students not wearing a school uniform can experiment with different clothing styles in order to find something that will suit them and their personas. Self-expression – that’s the first advantage of not wearing a school uniform.

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Moreover, not being allowed to wear what you want causes all sorts of stress.

Teachers usually have to work with big groups of students. This means that they need to remember many different names. It is often so that they can recognize this or that student by look only. School uniform makes it impossible for the teacher to visually identify a certain student.

A lot of low-income families cannot afford to buy a school uniform. Their kid not wearing a school uniform would only help their financial situation.

People are different and their tastes are different as well. To some students it may be especially troubling to wear the clothes which don’t bring them any satisfaction. Furthermore, physical features of all are different and there’s no guarantee that the school uniform will suit all the students equally.

To my point of view, it is extremely important to weigh the pros and cons before setting up school uniform rule at school.