If you have at least once visited Egypt, you definitely have a picture with Pyramids on a background. Everyone who went to Italy should imagine oneself holding the tower of Pisa. But how many of them can say even few words about the history of those places?

Tourism is becoming more and more popular each day. Within one season New York welcomes 500 millions of visitors. That is like half of the population of China. Fortunately, the city is big and its streets are built to handle the big quantity of people. And in case they don’t – they can be renovated and rebuilt.

Though, if we rebuild San Marco Square or Notre-Dame de Paris, we won’t be able to say we preserved the history any longer. The remarkable historical places are ruined with the huge people’s flow that come to see it every day.

The other problem of tourism is that countries that get their income from tourists mainly can’t really develop anything else. Per say big amount of industry objects will make the destination point less ecologically friendly and thus less attractive for visitors. Developing agriculture sphere will take up places that can be used to built tourists objects and so on.

The more attention is paid to entertain the visitors who bring money to the country’s economics (especially if we talk about poor regions), the less authentic that country becomes. Everything becomes standard, more accessible and easier to understand.

Tourism is good, of course. We find out more about other cultures, explore totally different ways of thinking, open up our minds and simply entertain ourselves. Still, let us not forget that it also has some disadvantages that should not be overlooked.