Centralization of any system is always a good idea, as it has a number of advantages. For instance, if an organization has many branches and each of them has a copy of the company’s rules and regulations, then whenever the rules change, each of the copies also needs to be changed. But if there is just one copy in the central office, which all the other branches could access online, then all the changes would need to be made only in that single copy. This can help avoid redundancy of information and, more importantly, prevent discrepancy of information in the multiple documents.

Most students face a similar situation when applying for different undergraduate courses after they finish school. They would be applying to different colleges and universities, which would need a lot of paper work. But instead, they could fill in just one application, which is called the Common Application. This is an online form that is available in the Internet and can be used as the basis for applying to different courses.

The Common Application would also require students to write an essay on why they want to apply for a certain course. However, applicants are sometimes not able to decide how to write these essays and what material to include in them. But choosing the right topics is not a difficult task.

Students just need to focus on why they want to pursue the particular line of interest and what their current skill sets, which would enable them to pursue the course, are. They can also write about their understanding about their chosen field and any developments that have happened of late. The essay would then help the institutes to assess the student and evaluate whether or not they are eligible for the course.