When it comes to essay writing, the information concerning this type of work, which you can find on the web, seems to be prepared for the people who already know how to deal with an essay writing task. This time, let’s pay attention to the simpler guide in essay writing. The method, given below, is acceptable for 3 and 5 paragraph essay. The format is the same for any type of an essay, that is why you can use it while writing as many paragraphs as you need. In this case we shall talk about 5 paragraph essay which is the most used.

Paragraph 1: This paragraph is called introductive. This is the “say what you was going to say” paragraph. The first sentence will reveal what the topic of your essay is. The next sentences will show what you’re going to talk about in the next paragraphs. You may write the last sentence in the way it could transit the reader to the next paragraph.

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph you will share the information you have already provided in the second sentence of the introduction part.

Paragraph 3: Here you will describe in a more detailed way what you have written in the third sentence of the introduction part.

Paragraph 4: That’s right, in this paragraph you have to write about the forth sentence of the introduction part. To cut the long story short, the whole essay lies in the fact that you’re broadening the basic facts concerning the topic you have provided in the introduction.

Paragraph 5: In here you have to draw conclusions and state your main points once more time.

Thus, you can see that essay writing is not as complicated, as it may seem from the first sight. So, good luck in your writing!

And remember, you can always use our manual on «How to write an essay»