Have you ever imagined your life without photographs? Have you ever heard of surrealistic photos and that special thrill and appeal they bring into ordinary life?

People who have grown up in modern society would probably tell you that they like to make shots: of nature, of animals, of trips, of buildings, of food and of themselves. But not all of them have heard of such notion as surrealism in photography. Just to shed the light on this phenomenon, we should say that surrealism is a special form of art with features divergent from that of traditional. In fact, it’s an art of abstract forms and shapes that one can see in fantasies and dreams, feel in emotions and anxieties. Inspiration that one can derive from these sources is always of unpredictable and unique nature.

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Having a look at the photos of surrealists, you will understand all the charm of this suddenness and will be surprised with the variety of forms and ways of their expression. Still, not everyone is able to comprehend all the depth of these shots and images, as they turn out to be the reflection of someone’s subconscious mind. In other words, photographers-surrealists take pictures of their dreams, emotions and fantasies. In addition, innovative techniques are used to recreate inner feelings of human beings, such as montage, solarization, double exposure and printing. The latter allows the artist to communicate their own reality to the observer and to draw the “sharp contour” between light and darkness, between the dream and objective reality.