Executive Summary

Unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy diets have become a subject of increased concern among many individuals in the society. This can be attributed to the increased health related issues such as heart diseases and poor dietary standards. With such concerns, many consumers have become keen on the type of foods they consume thereby leading to the growth of a niche market. Spanish Olive Oil Exporters is dedicated to the provision of new alternatives that will enable health-conscious consumers to access the highest quality Olive oil products while at the same time being able to maintain their healthy eating standards.

Spanish Olive Oil Exporters is a new innovative company committed to satisfying the needs of consumers without compromising the taste and quality of Olive Oil products. At Spanish Oil Exporters, the company is able to fulfill this objective by delivering Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil, and Organic Olive Oil to local and international markets. The company aims to supply Olive Oil brands to targeted consumers in the UK market. Through an exclusive contract with London Oil Plc., Spanish Oil Exporters will be privileged to obtain a competitive market advantage in the UK market. Olive Oil products distributed by our company are of superior quality coupled with its versatility characteristics that makes it ideal for different purposes. For instance, Spanish Olive Oil is suitable for cooking, for beatification, and for health purposes.In the UK market, Spanish Olive Oil Exporters aims to distribute its olive products through direct sales, retail distributors, health clubs, specialty stores, and Spanish Exports online stores.

The marketing team that is made up of highly skilled and motivated personnelhas designed a well-crafted marketing mix aimed at reaching all consumers in the identified target market. Equally, the marketing team, though research, has studied the marketed, and analyzed the competitive strategies used by possible competitors. Even though the UK Olive Market holds huge potentials, there are an increased number of companies importing olive oil. Currently, the major competitor is Unilever UK. Speaking of financial issues, the budgetary outlook for Spanish Oil Exporters is exceptionally promising because the financial projections show a positive outcome, with high gross margins. It is with this outlook, major company strengths, and dedicating goals that Spanish Oil Exporters aims to prosper and develop a sustainable business in the UK market.

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Company Overview and Objectives

Spanish Olive Oil Exporters is a leading olive producing and distribution company based in Spain. It is involved in the production and distribution of quality olive oil products suitable for cooking, health purposes and for cosmetics. Olive Oil products distributed by the company include Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil, and Organic Olive Oil. Primarily, the company intends to enter the UK market using the merger/collaborating market entry-strategy with London Oil Plc.The company has more than 20 years of experience in the oil industry and this act as symbol of prestige and quality for the company.

Spanish Olive Oil Exporters is dedicated to the provision of new alternatives that will enable health-conscious consumers to access the highest quality Olive oil products while at the same time being able to maintain their healthy eating standards. Equally, the company aims to develop positive working relationships with consumers and distributors in order to build long-lasting partnerships and sustainable businesses. The company also aims to continue producing superior Olive Oil products and engage in sustainable and sustainable business practices. Finally, as a part of its community social responsibility, Spanish Olive Oil Exporters aims to participate in many charitable foundations and community health-based functions that reflect the company’s dedication to promoting a healthy living.

Product Description

Spain is the world’s leading producer and distributor of Olive oil. This can be in part due to the favorable climatic conditions suitable for the cultivation of Olive oil and in part due to the country’s ability to cultivate different varieties of Olive oil characterized by different flavors and tastes. Olive Oil is suitable for cooking, health, and beauty. Speaking of cooking, Olive oil is tasty, aromatic, and gives meals a sweet flavor. For healthy purposes, Olive Oil is composed of several active ingredients that help the human body to reduce the risks of common diseases. For beauty purposes, Olive oil is suitable for cosmetic functions such as adding a healthy and radiant appearance to skin, hair, and nails.

Situation Environment

PEST Analysis

This entails the analysis of external factors in the macro-environment that are beyond the control of our company but they also affect all companies(Kotler, & Keller, 2009). These external factors can present themselves as both threats and as opportunities to the company. For this reason, the PEST analysis of the UK will provide Spanish Oil Exports the essential tool for developing marketing strategies and strategic plans to further its Olive Oil business in the region.


The Oil industry in the United Kingdom is highly influenced by government laws and regulations that most originate from health concerns and the governments need to regulate business activities. The need to satisfy the minimum health standards and comply with the requirements in terms of ingredients is a force that must be considered before setting up the business. Other influential factors that might affect the business activities ofSpanish Oil Exports include taxes, subsidies, and duty.


The oil industry is plays an instrumental role in the economy of the United Kingdom. Other than contributing to the growth of the economy in terms of GDP, the Oil industry creates employment opportunities to other sectors. Growth abilities of companies, entering intostrategic alliances and mergers, and expansion prospects all depend on economic factors within the UK. Consumers’ consumption patterns also depend on their income levels.

Social/cultural factors

The increased trend of eating habits and unhealthy diets becoming a subject of concern among many individuals in the societyhighly influences consumption patterns for many consumers. Spanish Olive Oil Exporters understands this phenomenon and aims to target our customers based on this line of thinking.Customers’ tastes and preferences for quality products, and the prestige associated with the consumption of Olive oil products are other factors that will encourage the consumption of Olive Oil products. Younger generations are ready to spend more money on cosmetic products while older generations are more conscious about their health eating patterns.

Technological factors

Technological advancements play a critical role in industrial production and as well in hybrid production of agricultural seeds. The increased usage of the internet will bring positive effects as far as information search and online purchases are concerned (Strokes, 2008). Other technological factors that enhance the UK market include well-developed E-commerce market, and well-developed infrastructural facilities that will increase production efficiencies(Strokes, 2008).
SWOT Analysis

These analyses refer to tools used for auditing the company and its ability to focus on key issues within the surrounding environment(Kotler, & Keller, 2009). As such, the SWOT analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of Spanish Olive Oil Exporters as well as the threats and opportunities that might stand on its way.


  • Spanish Olive Oil Exporters is guided by values, principles, and goals that are aimed at realizing a sustainable future
  • All business activities are targeted towards satisfying the health needs of the client
  • The company delivers Olive oil products of the highest and fines quality
  • The company has a variety of Olive Oil products
  • The company will benefit from the developed distribution system due to its alliance with Unilever UK
  • Excellent professional skills and abilities of the marketing team


  • Does not have much weaknesses
  • Lack detailed understanding of the UK market
  • Depends on a strategic alliance and hence, majority of decisions have to be consulted
  • Amalgamation of cultures


  • The growing Olive oil industry in the UK
  • Availability of expansion opportunities for its Olive oil products
  • The willingness to satisfy the needs and aspirations of clients which are constantly changing
  • Economies of scale from the strategic alliance with Unilever UK


  • Increasing competition from Olive Oil imported from Italy and Greece
  • Reserved buyer behavior due to different cultures
  • Black market trading of unpackaged oil can impede the market for Olive oil marketed by the company

Market Analysis and Trends

The consumption of Olive Oil in the UK has been on a steady increase over the past few years. All the 30 million liters of Olive oil consumed in the UK in 2010 were imported and revenue collected (in excess of £160 Million) from the Olive Oil industry surpassed the total amount spent on vegetable oil (International Olive Oil Council, 2011).Factors that promote the increased consumption of Olive oil in the UK can be attributed to the health, nutritional, and environmental benefits of Olive oil production and consumption. Consumption trends in the UK also show that Extra Virgin oil is the most consumed type of olive oil with increased consumption in other brands of olive oil. The negative publicity from the media regarding high saturated fats and chemically produced cosmetic products drives consumers towards the healthier oils and less risky cosmetic products such as products produced from Olive oil.

Specific Markets and Segments

The UK olive oil consumption market is predominantly mixed, and therefore, Spanish Olive Oil Exporters will target several individuals ranging from families to single individuals. For marketing purposes, all demographic segments will be targeted (Young and old). This increases the level of attractiveness. However, the unique feature is that the potential customers for our product are consumers who value their health and are conscious about their eating habits. Other than the health aspect of our customers, out targeted market will be segmented according to the financial ability of customers to pay for the olive oil products.


Nearly, all olive oil products in the UK market are imported and therefore, Spanish Olive Oil Exporters expects to face competition from other external suppliers. However, the major competitor will be Unilever UK, which is an internationally recognized company in the production of consumer products. The competitive advantage of Spanish Olive Oil Exporters lies in the health concern that drives consumers to consume the right products that suits their health. The company’s products are also highly versatile.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives: SMART

The marketing objectives for the Spanish Olive Oil Exporters are developed using the SMART principle. Other than being specific to Spanish Olive Oil Exporters, the objectives are measurable, achievable, realistic, and time specific(Kotler, & Keller, 2009). These principles are critical for helping the Company to achieve success in the UK market.

    • Profitability objectives are aimed at ensuring the company achieves a 25% return on the capital employed by the end of 2013. This is one of the prime objectives of any business initiative
    • Market Share objectives entails gaininga 30% market share in the target market within the UK industry after 2 years. This is essential for enabling the company to enjoyed benefits associated with increased market share.
    • Financial Objectives of Spanish Olive Oil Exporters involves obtaining annual sales averaging of £2 million after 2 years of operation. In addition, the company aims to generate a gross margin upwards of 75% and net income exceeding 25% of sales by the fourth year.
    • Branding objectives entail making the company’s products the preferred choice among UK consumers

Marketing Strategies

The Product Strategy

As earlier mentioned, Spanish Olive Oil Exports intends to supply and distribute a range of olive oil products in the UK market. These products include high quality brands of products made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil, and Organic Olive Oil. The unique thing about these products other than its high quality is that they are natural, healthy, and versatile. This gives the company a competitive edge over the competitors.

The Place Strategy

Industry analysis and increasing trends in the UK oil industry coupled with the increased consumption of Olive Oil makes the UK an ideal market for products produced and distributed by Spanish Olive Oil Exporters. Equally, the situational analysis of the UK Olive oil industry has revealed the strengths and opportunities that must be capitalized by the company.

The Promotion Strategy

Spanish Olive Oil Exporters aims to distribute its olive products through several distribution mediums. These mediums include direct sales, retail distributors, health clubs, specialty stores, and Spanish Exports online stores. Speaking of communication and advertising channels, the three main approaches that will be adopted by the company include the internet (company’s website and social media networks), the print media (magazines, billboards and newspaper), and TV commercials (Kotler, & Keller, 2009).

Pricing Strategy

The prices for the Olive oil products delivered by the company will be dependent upon the quality of the product, the quantity, and the prevailing market prices. However, the pricing will be done in a competitive manner such that it does not scare clients in addition to compromising the quality of the product.

The action plan

A management team consisting of qualified, highly motivated, and professional individuals will undertake marketing initiatives of the company. Every member within the team holds wide experience in the Olive oil industry coupled with his or her university education. Additionally, all members have specific roles to play and hence, they are ready to undertake their responsibilities according to acceptable standards. They include:

      • Janssens Shelly- Marketing Manager who will be responsible for guiding all the marketing activities
      • Kakox Yohan – head of marketing operations
      • Nimo Wairimu- In-charge of sales and pricing related strategies
      • Sergio Morientes – Will head the promotions activities and strategies

Other action plans guided by extensive research includes building strong relationships with customers by examining and analyzing their needs, increasing the supply of products, and expanding operations to smaller cities throughout the UK after 2 years of operations or upon the recommendations from the operations manager whichever comes first.

The Marketing Budget

Marketing Expense Budget September-December 2012 January-April 2012 May-August 2012 Total
Advertising £13,000 £11,000 £5,000 £29,000
Websites £3,000 £1,000 £2,000 £6,000
Promotions £1500 £1,000 £0 £2,500
Public Relations £0 £5,000 £10,000 £15,000
Posters and Catalogues £3,500 £2,000 £500 £6,000
Total £21,000 £21,000 £17,500 £47,500

Monitoring and evaluation

Quarterly sales targets will be established and equated depending operational areas. Equally, tactical marketing programs will be modified to reflect the efficacy off concepts identified in the marketing mix. The company through the management believes that believe that Spanish Olive Oil products will be profitable and satisfy the given set of goals and objectives.The concluding believes for this marketingplan entering the UK market will be a viable investment for Spanish Olive Oil Exporters.