When you think of a leadership what names come up to your mind? Can any person become a leader or should a person be a born one. To sort it all out we should begin with a definition of this notion.

Leadership is a kind of influence, in which one person has an effect upon opinions of others and leads them to accomplish the necessary objective. Leadership is when one person captivates collaborators with one common goal. Thus, to become a good leader and to be successful you have to convince your followers that you are worth of being followed.

If you have the desire, patience and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leadership qualities are developed through a constant process of self-study, education, training and experience, i.e. these qualities are acquired through regular exercising and study. Good leaders do not rest on their laurels but are constantly improving these leadership skills.

I can suggest you the following steps if you want to become an effective leader:

  • Challenge the subjects – First, find out the subject that you believe needs your utmost attention.
  • Inspire a shared vision – Next, share your point of view with your followers.
  • Enable others to act – Give them tools and methods to solve the problem.
  • Show how to act – A real leader should show their subordinates the way to treat problems and difficulties.
  • Encourage the hearts – Share the glory with your followers’ hearts, while keeping the pains within your own.