All the people know the melody of the Mendelssohn’s wedding march. What a thrilling moment for the bride and the groom, when its sound is in the air! Every girl from the early years dreams about it, imaging her dress and hair-do, flowers and shining smiles around, and her “Prince Charming” , of course – the best man ever. And here it comes, this sacred “YES”. She is a wife now and he is a husband. They are beginning their journey to the life full of love and happiness.

The next morning she looks at her hand with a sparkling ring on a finger. She wants everyone to notice it! She is so proud and happy. Every day from this very moment should be different, special.

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Some time passes and the young couple live its life. Many things can happen on this stage of marriage. Sometimes love fades away and people go their separate ways, but the better way is when love matures with time and wisdom comes. Beloved husband supports his wife and helps to bring up their children. Wise wife does not bother her husband for every little thing. They can argue, but after that they watch TV embracing in the evening.

So, what is marriage and what is it for? At the wedding ceremony bride and groom usually pronounce wedding vows or the priest asks whether the two people will be there for each other throughout their whole lives. In this question a person who loves will find all the answers. This is the reason: to love and to take care of each other. And so it should be, this is the recipe for “…and they lived happily ever after”.