From the scientific point of view it is impossible to prove the beginning of life from the moment of conception. The question of when human life begins, is a question theological, legal or philosophical, as many people argue, only not scientific and biological. It is also favorite tactics of the groups supporting performing abortions.

They constantly claim what can’t be learned when life begins and that we at all never learn about it. However we eventually could define the beginning of life. It begins during conception, and since then the fruit is a human being. There is no such jump, transformation from nothing into something, from not being in a being.

Life is a smooth range from the beginning till the end. And permission to abortions means no other than planned, not forbidden destruction of human life. Deadly violence – abortion is an inexcusable evil. I agree that undesirable pregnancy is a very difficult dilemma. However to look for the decision her in destruction of life means shameful approval of violence.

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Hospice and palliative care are very common nowadays. Some believe that it is the way to go, however, many argue that it is a waste of time and money since the results are known ahead. According to National Caregivers Library, palliative care is the way to go as it is have more benefit.

According to the advance directive law, “every patient has the right to refuse or accept medical treatment. In case the patient loses the ability to make decisions, health providers or immediate family can make the decision. The law includes right to attorney for health choices, however it does not include the living will.

Overall, I consider hospice and palliative care very beneficial for both relatives and the patient as the loved ones know that the patient’s pain is at its lowest if not gone completely