The more I read about learning foreign language from a very early age, the more I think about whether it is necessary at all. You can come across two totally different opinions: kids do or do not need it, it is good or bad for them, it does or does not make sense.

In my opinion, the answer to these questions is absolutely up to a certain family with its own rules, traditions and desires. You can but agree that there are no identical families. Some of them consist of people with higher education only and have a lot of various interests, while the others lie on the couch all day, watching TV series and popular shows. For some families travelling is the inseparable part and even meaning of life, but the others barely get out of home on weekends. Some spend all the free time learning about different cultures and are happy to meet different people, while others run away from everyone who thinks and looks different than them.

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I’d be very surprised if the family where both parent had studied and spoke foreign language didn’t let their kid learn second language from childhood. Most likely they will seek to do it or at least want to. The family where no one ever spoke foreign language will most likely have the opposite opinion and will definitely have their reasons for it.

So, according to all these family values, priorities, intellectual levels and special interests, the idea of whether foreign language must or must not be taught from early childhood should be formed within a certain family.