Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But following our simple tips on essay writing, you will make sure it is not true. The essay writing guidelines we are going to demonstrate will be based on the topic “Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.”. The topic is quite complex, but there is no need to worry! We will help you cope with it in the twinkling of an eye!

The structure we are going to use is typical for every essay and it is as following: introduction, body, and conclusion.
Start with the introduction part. Here you are to present the general information about the civil rights in the USA, its history, and provide your reader with the main points you are going to light up in the main part of your work.

  • Introduction. In general, the civil rights movement in the USA is quite an impressive and diverse conception. It is possible to mention that civil rights movement was a real struggle in physical and philosophical meaning. To clear up the situation, it is important to say that civil rights movement was the fight against discrimination of blacks, which was hypocritical. We recommend you to mention the fact that at the same time when America was discriminating its own black inhabitants, there was struggling against fascism equal rights in Europe. Destroying of this injustice was the main civil rights movement’s goal.
  • Body. In this section it is advisable to mention the most famous leaders of the civil rights movement and find out whether this movement really had revolutionary nature.

    First of all, provide the definition of the revolution itself. The best one can be found in the Encyclopedia Britannica. When talking about the civil rights movement, do not forget to mention Malcolm X. This person was prominent and brilliant in the issue of the fight against discrimination.

    Even nowadays his message is an inspiration for the movement of the black youth all over the world. This message is of a rebellion nature.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. is the other famous and important civil rights movement leader and is a prominent example that the US civil rights movement wasn’t of a revolutionary and violent nature at all.

    Today, racial equality is a problem of a great concern. And, unfortunately, there is a long time before we reach it. McDonald claims that in the United States racism and inequality still exist even now. Because of the inequality and poverty of the black people in the USA, the civil right movement ideas are still alive.

  • Conclusion. What do you think about the civil right movement in general? What are your ideas concerning the racial inequality? In the conclusion section you are free to express your own ideas and summarize what was said above. One of the things worth to be mentioned is the death of Malcolm X. After he died, all peaceful claims concerning racial equality were shut down and discrimination and racism are still an integral part of the modern society of the USA.