If you were to write a book, on what theme or subject matter would it be based, and why?

In this day and age of economic recession caused by speculative markets activity, big businesses and banks failure, which cannot be sustained due to dwindling disposable income, people should learn how to run their small business enterprises. I would like to bring a proof to the others that they, actually, can become business people, even if there are no prerequisites to achieve this goal.

Moreover, I would like to inspire everyone with the thought that their respective efforts at organization of business would actually be a force for progress that any underdeveloped economy needs. Small business enterprises can fuel the economy, bringing it up to its former dynamic state.

Through the book, I would like to share with the biggest benefits of entrepreneurship, such as the potential to actually make more money than traditional employment-based efforts. There is a great advantage behind working for personal business model instead of someone else’s. Entrepreneurship gives one the chance to write their own story of success, determine their own legacy and climb up the career ladder.

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For newbies, personal inspiration and determination to succeed is priceless. This stimulation is spurred by the tremendous feeling of freedom an entrepreneur could have while making the way towards success.

Entrepreneurship is probably the best equal-opportunity employer option. The owner of the business practices fairness all throughout. Being a part of the revenue generation, the entrepreneur learns the art of sustainability. Running a small personal business enterprise is economically manageable and viable, as well. Business tools, such as teleconferencing, email, and a host of Web communication tools that an entrepreneur would need, are relatively cheap nowadays.

These are the very reasons for me to write a book on entrepreneurship. I would like to teach and inspire people about its benefits and relatively easy processes to follow.