Can you imagine living in a nation where you are treated as a lesser human being just because of the color of your skin? The events that happen in the ‘Mocking Bird’ can be related to the Jim Crow rules as blacks were discriminated and treated as less equal members of the society. The Jim Crow Laws were enacted in the late 19th century and were in effect till the 1960s. The laws allowed for racial segregation in all public places in the Southern states in America (Chin and Wagner 65).

According to the regulations, African Americans were to have separate facilities, most notably public transport. It was considered a crime when a black person was found in an area that was considered as reserved for whites. In as much as the laws stated that the African American had equal but separate status in the society, their welfare was mostly ignored, and their facilities were not maintained according to the required standards (Hacker 76).

Their institutions were not allocated adequate funds, and this led to the marginalization of the black community. Notably, this can be related to the novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ which was published in 1960. The story focuses on racism and racial inequality.

Observably, the African Americans were the most affected by the Jim Crow Laws. They were constantly under threat of attack or intimidation from their white counterparts (Gullickson 187). Even though they were free and the government recognized this status, they did not feel free in the real sense. The white supremacists were seemingly strengthened by the enactment of Jim Crow rules since they had justifiable reasons for persecuting or attacking the African Americans (Edgar 58).

In the ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird,’ Tom Robinson, an African-American, is accused of raping a white girl. Although he is proven to be innocent, he is still convicted. Observably, he is convicted because of his status as a black man. Primarily, comparing this to the situation during the period, the white supremacists always had their way in the justice system, even when the African Americans were proven to be innocent of any crime. They did everything to ensure that the African Americans did not enjoy their freedom in America.

It is similar to what happens in the novel as the jury convicts Tom despite being convinced that he did not commit the crime. “The state has not produced one iota of medical evidence that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place” (Lee 203). The statement means that despite that fact that the court did not have anything to incriminate Tom; he was still sent to jail.

However, comparing the events in the novel to the events during the Jim Crow Laws, one notes some distinctions. For instance, during the Jim Crow period, the law enforcement agencies tried to remain impartial even though most of them were corrupted.

In the novel, Tom was convicted simply because he was a black, and the law enforcement agencies are clearly observed to take sides. His death is also questionable as he is shot in unclear circumstances. “He was running during their exercise session. They claim that he went to the fence and started climbing.” (Lee 235). From this statement, one can note that there is doubt in the speech as Atticus does not believe that Tom was killed trying to escape from prison.

To conclude this discussion, the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is about racial inequality. It can be linked to what the blacks were experiencing in the hands of their white counterparts during the period when the Jim Crow Laws were in effect. Notably, the issues can be observed in the modern society where white supremacists shoot and injure or kill helpless and unarmed blacks, especially teenagers and the youths. The African Americans are still living in fear in some parts of America because of the negative profiling.