While writing an essay, it is always good to know the most common mistakes one makes composing this type of paper and avoid them.

Before you give your essay to the professor, make sure it is correctly written as for grammar, without misspellings or misprints. Sometimes reading it all once again may seem to be unbearable, but force yourself to do it anyway, for it will save you from trouble. Students write most amusing things when they don’t bother to revise. If you don’t know how this or that word is written, look it up in the dictionary. It may also be a good idea to ask somebody to read it – a look from outside may find a number of mistakes that have avoided your own attention.

Passive voice, though seems to be a most natural choice for writing an essay, is generally discouraged by tutors and professors for the monotony and unification of speech. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use it at all (see previous sentence), but it is not a good thought to write each sentence in it.

Don’t use long paragraphs. When the text is divided into a number of more or less short paragraphs, each representing a complete idea, it is easier understood and is more likely to be read attentively. Human eye is confused when confronted by a long strip of text.

A very important point is not to exceed the word or page limit set for the work you do. You may think that the ingenious thoughts you want to express deserve to occupy more space, but don’t fool yourself – the committee read it all hundreds of times before and won’t be grateful for additional time spent on reading your work.

Some conclusions

Now you know the most frequent errors that occur while students are writing their papers. By all means, it doesn’t give any guarantees that avoiding them will help you write the perfect paper. In this blog post we underlined just mistakes but didn’t mention the main characteristics to follow, which can signal of the work done properly. This is another topic to be considered, but we paid your attention to the mistakes only.

However, taking into consideration the tips given here will make a half of a successful job. In case you already have a draft of the work in your hands, you can check it one more time paying your attention to the guides you already know. When you see that any sentence sounds awkwardly or includes any of the mistakes we mentioned, you can rewrite it and chance at once. If no ideas come up to you, just leave it for some time. Wait until the next day if your deadline is enough for that and check the text once again.

What else can help you write an essay properly? Look for other guides with tips on the most crucial steps to take, which will make your paper sound good and be done professionally.

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