Argumentative essay demands from a student special writing skills, as creating an essay is similar to art. The special point about argumentative essay is that it requires not only the opinion about the topic, but also a plan and ability to make a well structured paper.

Any argumentative writing will require concentration on the topic and data. It should include arguments, facts and statistics relevant to the topic, conclusions and communication with the reader.

The topic for argumentative essay should be debatable to give the chance to present two or more points of view. You have a really nice topic – Police brutality. This topic itself offers opportunity to open a discussion, because notions in the topic are near to be opposite to each other: police is the governmental structure that is called up for protection; and brutality of police seems to be abnormal notion. But, if you will look deeper inside, you can discover not only examples, but also bias about the discussed issue.

It is of high importance to base your arguments on personal position, world tendency and on your idea with data, reasons and arguments. It is recommended to use only reliable sources for data and material, such as scientific materials, journal articles, books and some reliable Internet resources. Get sure that all your sources are referenced according to the chosen or given style of the paper (MLA, APA, Oxford, Harvard, etc.).

Your next step is writing itself. You should necessarily organize your work in terms of grammar and citations. The most important thing to always remember: argumentative essay’s essence lies in the fact that all your arguments and ideas must be supported by recent data concerning the topic. The best way to make your argumentative essay interesting for the reader is developing two opposite points of view. This way you can better support your key idea. And to make the process of writing easier, it’s better to make a kind of small research on the given topic before you will start to write. Get sure that your argumentative essay is well-reasoned and supported with data, evidence and facts.

When the paper is completed, reread it again (it is better to do it the next day) for editing and proofreading. Also you will check again if your arguments and data are sufficient for covering the topic.