Osteoporosis is one of the diseases that make people feel particularly uneasy, for it is always perceived as an inseparable part of what human beings dislike most – senility, the enemy that awaits everybody sooner or later and is not to be defeated.

Osteoporosis is an illness that is related to the degradation of bones’ tissue, which leads to fractures and bones’ deformation. In the course of human’s life bones grow thinner and less flexible, partly because after 35 years of age calcium is being removed from them faster, than it is deposited there. It is true for all people, but some of them are affected more, than the majority and suffer from osteoporosis, which means literally “porous bones”. It affects the whole skeleton and, what makes it even more unpleasant, doesn’t actually have symptoms – the only sign is the high risk of fractures. Even a weak blow may result in severe fractures and in case of the spinal column there is no need for external action – it make break due to sheer pressure.

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The majority of people who suffer from osteoporosis are females after menopause. However, men may also be subject to it, due to certain hormonal disorders, medications and other diseases. There are a number of treatment programs that exist for those who suffer from osteoporosis, the drug therapy being the most wide-spread and most effective. However, the only real way of fighting it is leading a healthy life and changing one’s diet. The food you have to eat if you want to avoid osteoporosis should contain a lot of calcium and vitamin D. Simple foodstuffs like graham bread have also proved to be rather effective.

As we can see, osteoporosis, like the majority of illnesses, is much easier thing to prevent, than to cure. Once you know about it, you may start working to avoid it.