Some people consider religion to be a kind of obsolete term, when applied to the modern world with all these scientific achievements, fantastic discoveries and rational explanations for all the things that were considered to be mysterious in the past. However, these people fail to take into account the fact that the idea of religion being the opposite of science only exists in the minds of the most primitive and narrow-minded variety of atheists. Major scientists and important people in the most significant faiths agree that they deal each with a sphere of reality that does not cover all the aspects of the Universe’s existence.

There are no definitive scientific facts that prove the wrongness of the major point of any religion – the idea of the existence of God or gods. And that idea does not in any way contradict with any of the discoveries modern science has made or makes every single day. It is still wrong to assume that it is ridiculous to believe in some supernatural power, when everything is so neatly explained without taking it into consideration. It is not. Every question scientists manage to answer creates dozens of new ones, and the search for the new knowledge doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Every discovery we make only makes it clearer how ignorant we are in what concerns the world we live in, let alone explanation of how and why it appeared.

Two hundred years ago people thought that science will solve all their problems really, really soon; now we see that the number of unsolved problems not only grew less, but increased. Religion isn’t undermined by science in any way – on the contrary, the fact that a number of the greatest scientists that have ever existed believed in God makes it obvious that these two notions don’t contradict each other in any way.