My Career

All my life I have been trying to find my own career path. My aunt has graduated from a business college. She has been offered an interesting government job in China that she continues to hold up till now. In 1993 my aunt continued her studies and left the U. S. to get an MBA; later on she became a successful businesswoman in Washington.

My father’s career path started in a similar way. He also managed to earn a business degree. That is why I had a good chance to realize my goals in the future and make the right choice of career path, as I could see how independent, flexible and self-confident my relatives are.

In order to learn more about business, I have earned my degree in a business college. I have completely understood that a career in a famous company would enhance my professional skills and knowledge and provide me with an excellent introduction into the business. Moreover, I could be introduced to the business world.

At the beginning of my career path I fulfilled a lot of challenging and interesting assignments with enthusiasm. Thus I improved my analytical skills and studied businesses from various angles. I worked there for a year and a half and “earned” an effective and beneficial experience but then I made up my mind to get better opportunity than my department was able to offer.

Thus, when there was an opportunity to have practice in China, I decided not to miss this chance and try myself in a new service line. During the last two years I gained new skills, considerably enhanced my project management and development abilities. Moreover, my risk management capabilities as well as enterprise risk issues improved greatly.