Shipping Companies may be Dangerous

Today I would like to tell you about the meaning of the environmental awareness in international ship-owning companies and their social responsibility to protect from and acknowledge the damage that their production activities cause or can potentially bring to the nature.

Every day we hear shipping companies talking about “Think Green”. But what does “Think Green” mean in terms of actions and how does it protect our environment? As frustrating as it can be there is no single explanation or definition of this notion and all the companies explain it in their own way.

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I would like to ask you: “What do the shipping companies in “Think Green” need to minimize water pollution?” “How do bunker and ship paint influence our marine recourses?”

Every day more than fifty thousand tones of marine diesel and heavy fuel is extracted to the sea by container ships and even with the strongest protection systems it is impossible to avoid the pollution of water with marine fuel.

Every day more than five thousand ships cross Panama channel and the damage that is caused by the ship paint is unavoidable.

A lot of companies started to develop special environmentally friendly paint that helps to minimize water pollution. But how many companies are going to do so? And how many companies that are hiding from their social and environmental responsibilities?

Taking all these facts into account I am convinced that should bring strict regulations and give a unified definition to the notion “Think Green” that must be adopted by all the shipping companies irrespectively of their size and scale of operations.

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