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Should Every Able-Bodied Citizen Do Military Service?

Many countries in the world have already abolished mandatory conscription to the military forces, some don’t have armed forces at all, while there are still nations where this conscription is obligatory. Everything depends on the significance of the country on the international level, the influence it has on the other countries, as well as the plans and ambitions of each government.

I live in one of the countries where conscription is obligatory and I can but say that the majority of men are not satisfied with this reality. Some of them are not ready physically, others mentally. They are ready to do anything just not to serve in the army. I’ve heard so many stories of how they escaped from this duty that I can definitely say that obligatory conscription doesn’t bring any good but one – it teaches people to use their imagination and acquaintances to stay safe and sound at home.

At the same time, there are strong-body and strong-minded people who are ready to do military service for the given period of time, and it doesn’t make them depressed. They know that this service won’t do them any harm and they are ready for it. I am completely sure that they are the ones who have to be conscribed, but for this no obligatory requirements at the country level are necessary.

Thus, I believe that only those who feel that military service will do them more harm than good should be conscribed. There is no need of making people suffer and seek the ways to escape their duties. Governments also have to do everything possible in order for people not to be afraid to do military service, that is provide proper living conditions and securing their safety.

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Checked: 20 Jan 2018
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