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The Ethical Case for and Against Censorship of Pornography

When we think about pornography, we generally imagine the movies that are extremely explicit in the scenes of sexual character. Another side of pornography one can think of is the magazines like Playboy and Hustler. Pornography, however, is much wider and can be evidenced in the art, such as paintings, photos and sculptures dating centuries and centuries back.

Pornography is extremely controversial topic and there are several opinions as to its acceptability and the way it should be treated and perceived on both official and non-official level. Some of people support pornography and claim that this art is essential for open and civilized society as a proof of freedom of thought. The others, however, believe that pornography contradicts the values and norms of modern civil society. For better or worse, but pornography has always been a part of human society with the only difference that it was more or less restricted, depending on place and time.

Ethical aspects of pornography are widely discussed in literature, political and social circles and received a lot of attention in previous researches. The purpose of this work is, however, to re-fresh the analysis and receive latest trend in opinions of wide public on the ethical elements of pornography. The study will be fully based on the oral survey performed on the selected sample among the population of one chosen city in the United States.

Apart from the primary research question and objectives, the research group decided to widen the scope of the analysis and develop a secondary research question that will look specifically at the single-sex pornography and ethic concerns in regards of this phenomenon.

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