From the early childhood our parents explain what is right and what is wrong to us. We believe them, from time to time testing their patience and trying out whether what they say is true or not. This period of experiments usually lasts till the age of 14-15. Then we have already acquired a considerable amount of knowledge about the surrounding world and don’t think that anything can change our views. But there are certain periods which do influence our world perception greatly, such as college, university, work, marriage, having children and many others.

As for me, so far, the milestone of my personality development was entering university. In there everything was different from the order I got used to when studying at school. Suddenly, I became completely responsible for all my actions, got an opportunity to study the disciplines I particularly enjoyed and communicate with interesting people. I can but say that this experience changed my perception of the world for the better. I became independent, energetic and bright personality with different interests and a will to live an exciting life.

In particular, I understood that making independent decisions is right, while blaming others in your faults is wrong;studying well in order to become proficient in your given occupation is right, and striving to look like some popular loungers is wrong; being interested in many activities is right, while having a coach-potato lifestyle is not. Of course, I knew what was right before, but to know and realize are two different concepts.

On balance, when I entered my university, I understood how to behave in order to enjoy my life hundred-per-cent and not to regret anything. This is one of the most important realizations I experienced throughout my whole life.