Sooner or later you can face a necessity to paraphrase essays on different topics. And when it comes to you, you will probably want to find the most effective way out and start looking for an exceptionally perfect paraphraser online.

Let’s first make it clear what is meant by a paraphrasing itself.

What is a Paraphrase or Paraphrasing?

A paraphrasing is about rewriting passages of an essay with your own words for the purpose of avoiding plagiarism. In the end a paraphrased essay may have a similar number of words and the same structure, but outlined and expressed differently.

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What are the ways to paraphrase online?

When you make a query in the search engine, you will find out a lot of results including instruments to help you paraphrase any type of paper. Generally it is not required to register and sign in, or fill in your personal information to use such kinds of services – no matter it is a free or a pay-per-use. All of them usually work by the same principle – you paste an essay or any other academic paper that needs to be reworded and have a new text in a flash. But let’s consider the following…

Is a Paraphrasing Instrument Helpful or Not?

Every tool is originally understood to be a kind of a machine instrument, which lacks a natural way of thinking that people possess. Just alike an online translator, any paraphrase tool can’t reach perfection of the sentences it issues. It picks up synonyms, but it doesn’t mean that they fit the context and the field of a usage perfectly well. After the text is paraphrased online, it will require proofreading and editing. No online instrument can replace a mental work of a human, moreover when it comes to writing text materials. It is not about the words itself, it’s about grammar and sense of the text that has been paraphrased. The main shortcoming of paraphrasing online is seen when the text sounds awkwardly after all.

What is a criteria to paraphrase MLA style stuff?

With all said, rewriting the words by means of an automatic machine will hardly give the result expected. How is it possible to avoid it? It’s better for sure to use vocabularies of synonyms and synchronizers to rewrite the words in the sentences and try to express them it in your own words and a manner.

Try to rewrite it again and again until it sounds absolutely differently from the original text. In case some parts or phrases cannot be advanced, take them into the quotes. Giving a quote once, one needs to refer the first and the last name of the author which is being quoted. Doing it for the second time and citing to the same source, mention only the last names. It is also possible to put the name of the author in the parentheses, if it is already mentioned several times. According to MLA citation style, it’s required to include the pages that were paraphrased or quoted.

If you need to paraphrase the words, namely the citation of any person in your essay, then you have to provide your reader with the context and an information to make it clear who and why was paraphrased.

While paraphrasing, use signal words (for example, responds, thinks, believes, disagrees, etc) and the present tense, if there is no necessity to use the past.

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