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Gas Prices: Tendencies and Forecasts

Natural gas market influences greatly all the other markets of the modern economical world. For a wise economist or a business man it is more than clear, that gas prices dictate pricing policy at other markets in the majority if not in all the cases. So, what do we have now? Of course, the forecasts, made by different financial organizations or marketing agencies, differ in figures, but we can take a look at the common tendencies.

According to one group of the leading analysts of the world, in 2011 the average cost of gas, sold at NYMEX, will make $6 for 1 000 000 BTU and will reach $6,25 in 2012. In 2010 the average level price for gas will remain $6 for 1 000 000 BTU up to the end of the year. The annual highest figures were recorded on January 6, when the price reached $6,009 for 1 000 000 BTU. This growth was provoked by extremely cold weather in the USA.

Also there exists absolutely opposite opinion, that in 2011 gas prices at NYMEX, will go down considerably, since the footage drilled in the USA gradually increases, which can’t but influence USA natural gas market.

It is not for the first time, when different professional analysts have absolutely opposite ideas about the development of this or that market and no doubts they have all the reasons for that. I think, that in order to avoid problems, it is possible to consider both points of view, and, at the same time, follow carefully and constantly the tendencies at the USA gas market and at world gas market in general to build the strategy accordingly and to be ready for any surprise that may show up.

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