Nowadays, when our world is constantly developing in the area of economics, in every field there’s a strong growing need in experienced and talented people who will be able to make significant contribution in the economy of the country’s life. Thus, it is important to say that education plays a significant role in the development process of countries. Let’s focus on the main reasons of such phenomenon.

Higher education is not obligatory for young people. Thus, it means that they have only their experience to learn from. But those people who are longing for obtaining high positions in the society are required to have good knowledge basis. The point is that young people need to be provided with sufficient information concerning what they are going to be occupied with. Thus, higher education is rendering help to succeed in life. Let’s look at the following situation. Two men are working in the business area. One of them has obtained higher education and the other one hasn’t. The point is that the man with educational background will be able to anticipate the market situation, system of currency, while the other one will be able just to do business following his instincts only.

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Higher education not only provides people with sufficient knowledge, but also helps them develop their own dignity. Our society simply won’t be able to develop if there will be such aspects as crime, murder or robbery. Of course, every person possesses good qualities along with bad ones, but higher education gives us an opportunity to develop our better sides by providing our society with members, whose aim is to contribute to the country’s development.

To sum up, it is important to say that among many things, which are vital for the development of the country, higher education is one of the most significant ones, as it can regulate our past, present and future.