From the very beginning of our world’s existence there have always been class distinctions. Some people were rich and others were trying to make both ends meet. There has also existed one significant question – should wealthy nations share their reserves with the countries that are poorer? Is it important to provide them with food and other things required for life? Or is it the responsibility of the poor country government to take care of its citizens?

In my opinion, wealthy countries should help the ones which are poorer. But at the same time, the government of this or that poor country has to do its best in order to make the life conditions of its country better. To ask wealthier countries for help is normal, but to sit and wait for assistance isn’t the problem’s solution.

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To my mind, wealthier countries could care about the developing nations by providing them with education, food, money, high quality health care, technologies and knowledge in order to make their lives easier and better.

Food, medical care, clothes and money are of the foremost value. The thing is that they can be transported to the poor nations very quickly and, what is more, they will ease the starvation of the people and cure their diseases, which should be done as soon as possible.

Technologies, education, medical care and knowledge should be provided for the poorer nations. For example, sharing Meteorological knowledge or Agriculture technologies would help poor nations greatly and improve the food production process as well as provide all citizens with enough food. Building good educational establishments will help poor countries to have better life quality, social communications and economics. The governments of the poor countries should do their best in order to encourage the development of their own countries. The money they receive for the needs of the citizens must be spent to satisfy basic necessities of the population.

While helping the others, wealthy nations’ governments should remember that the good will always return, as it is said in old wise proverb “Treat the other people the way you want to be treated”.