The number of people who avail of international migration has slowed down a little bit recently, but still the number of people who are moving from the developing countries to the rich ones is growing all the time.

Thus, migration to the developed countries becomes the issue of cultural, political and social transformations. There’s a great number of people who believe that international migration has no negative effects, but the other people are sure that international migration is a huge threat for the developed countries. In the 21st century the world has no boundaries and international migration became an everyday notion. So, to what extent will migration to the developed countries will be a social and political issue in our life? To answer this question, it is important to find out the main pros and cons of international migration.

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Surely, migration is a good issue. The matter is that all people have an opportunity to have better life conditions and it is well-known that those people, who are trying to migrate from the developing countries, are in a strong need to live a better life. Trying hard to find the best place for dwelling, almost all of them choose the USA and the rest go to Europe. According to the latest data, 61% of migrants live in such countries as the United States of America, Germany, Australia and France. Developed countries take advantages of the migrants as they found it to be a good and cheap labor source. That sounds to be too good to be truth.

But the problem is that migrants are not that good in labor area. The point is that the majority of them lack professional skills to render top quality services or obtain good job. Moreover, migrants are usually provided with low salaries, which is why they make up a competition for the residents. What will you feel if you are fired because your boss decided to hire “cheap force” instead of you, the person for whom this developed country is native?

Thus, we can draw a conclusion that migration is an important aspect of social and political area. Along with positive effects, it can bring unpredictable drawbacks. Thus, international community should take special care of international migration regulation and keep it under control.