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The Metamorphosis Research Paper

Metamorphosis, according to the standard definition, is the biological process that describes physical development of animals, including birth, development of body structure and growth differentiation. I would like, however, to look at metamorphosis from less common perspective – from the point of view that was expressed and presented to the world by one of the most talented graphists and mezzotints, Dutch painter M.C. Esher. He is the author of such works in metamorphosis as Still Life and Street, Metamorphosis, Circle Limit and others. Metamorphosis works that was printed in 1937 became a foundation for a series of paintings in metamorphosis style. The idea of these works is to show metamorphosis of animals, people and non-existing creatures through a series of pictures and through numerous effects in the painting.

Many critics call Esher the founder of the real metamorphosis in the art. Esher’s works are used by the teachers in the schools to show and explain metamorphosis to children. His works, even made in black and white, are extremely attractive and interesting for child’s imaginative mind and always serve as the best practical example of the metamorphosis process. When you go to the museum that exhibits Esher’s works, like the Esher Museum in Hague, you will be able to see the great diversity in terms of age and cultural background of people, who come to visit and see the works of this great talent.

Esher learned how to make the picture alive and managed to show life and death on one canvas and with a single colour – something that a lot of painters did not learn how to do even with the variety of different tones and colours used in their paintings.

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