Every single year when a new fashion season starts, fashion capitals of the world turn into Meccas for the followers of the latest trends. The greatest fashion houses present their collections, top designers set the trends, photographers and models work hard in an attempt to make people fill their wardrobes with the stuff they don’t need. Every single year designer labels make millions by selling “the latest craze,” But is fashion really that important?

Some people consider fashion to be of the utmost importance if you need to create a certain image with the purpose of skyrocketing your career. It is certainly true, especially in the sphere of public relations where the way you look makes people make assumptions about your personality and about the company you represent. However, this does not mean that wearing an expensive designer outfit is always the best solution. Clean, well-made and high-quality clothes are be the best choice for a business executive for sure though.

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Followers of fashion trends can easily become fashion victims. Sacrificing a lot to look fashionable, they often end up wearing something that neither suits them, nor reflects their personality. In this way they face a risk of losing their identity, as the main selection criteria for them are not their own ideas and desires but the designer’s opinion. Following the latest trends in fashion can simply be too expensive and can easily make people get into debt. Wasting too much on what is neither necessary nor really beautiful has become a trend.

So, I believe, that fashion is far less important than many people think. It does not necessarily make you popular and successful. It does not always even make you beautiful. But if you are following it blindly, it is very likely to make you look ridiculous and not very well-to-do.