Many years that we spend going to school or university are impossible to imagine without all those endless hours of doing boring home assignments. If you ask any student about the amount of homework they would be ready to do without complaining, the answer is very likely to be none. Students claim that homework deprives them of any free time they might have during the school years, that teachers make them work excessively and put them under stress with the strict deadlines for submission. But is this attitude always justified and why do we have to do our homework?

On the one hand, it really helps teachers to extend the time students devote to their studies. Apart from getting the explanation of some material in class, students revise it at home by doing exercises or supplementary reading. In this way, they practice what they are supposed to learn, which makes their knowledge perfect.

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However, homework is not all about giving you more knowledge. It is also crucial for acquiring vitally important skills, such as analysis, individual approach and independent thinking. Doing homework, students are supposed to read and understand the task, which develops their analytical abilities; they also work without the support of the teacher and the class and this means that they are not limited by the opinion of the majority and must schedule their work themselves. Moreover, homework often consists of memorizing something, which is good for training your memory, so it is no doubt equally important for your academic achievements and everyday life.

Despite all the students’ complaints, homework is a useful and important part of the educational process. It helps to acquire knowledge and master important skills, which often determines future professional success.