Every year many young people work hard to pass their school-leaving exams and enter a college. However, for many of them acquiring good marks is not the only worry. Unlike the lucky minority from wealthy families, they must also think about the ways of getting money to pay for their education.

The government claims that free education is impossible, as there is no possibility to subsidize the universities and colleges with the budget funds. Moreover, when education is fully supported financially by the state, colleges lose their independence and the spirit of democracy and freedom. They also consider that students have a lot of opportunities to obtain the money they need. They can get a scholarship if they are really talented. They can work during their university years. Or they can also take a loan from a bank, which they will pay back after they have started working.

Despite the numerous possibilities, for many students the cost of the education is still too high. Scholarships are very unlikely to cover the total cost and students who manage to obtain one successfully still have to work to earn their living. Earning enough money to pay for your college education is next to impossible with a part-time job, while working full-time leaves students with no time to study, which means that the money is actually wasted. And a bank loan is so huge that students have to pay it back for many years.

To sum up, the cost of college is too high for many talented young people and this prevents them from getting higher education, which means our society actually loses potential professionals. I strongly believe that the state must take an active role in supporting education and if not make it free, provide enough money to reduce the cost at least by half.