How would you like the idea of being locked in the cage and having thousands of people looking at you every day for their pleasure? Nobody would like things like that. But that’s an ordinary treatment animals get in the zoos. To my point of view, it is strictly important to forbid such places like zoos, as they are unsuitable to maintain the health and habits of poor animals.

First of all, it is important to say that animals have their right not to live in captivity, but enjoy wildness. In zoos they are doomed to live in unnatural environment. Once you are in the zoo, you have an opportunity to see that animals live in stress, which is caused by numerous visitors and their separation from families and free life. Those animals who live in water usually have too little of it and the ones who got used to live in huge herds, are kept alone in the cage. A great number of innocent creatures die in the zoo because they have no opportunity to fly, to hunt or to roam the way they want and need. Some people try to argue saying that keeping animals in the zoos is beneficial for education, but in fact kids can learn almost nothing, as it is necessary to observe animals in their natural conditions.

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What is more, when animals cannot live in their natural environment, their lives can be in danger. For instance, the food they eat. It can be inappropriate for them and cause illnesses or even deaths. When an animal lives in the zoo there’s usually no mother who could teach it basic skills, which could help this animal survive in the wildness. A great number of animals, once they are allowed to live in nature, have no idea how to survive. The point is that they have no food finding skills and cannot hunt or fight off the other predators.

Although zoos are presented like places for education obtaining, they are unnatural places for the animals’ lives. They are deprived of freedom and our governments should do their best in order to improve this situation.