They say that a woman becomes mother when she gets pregnant, while a man – when the baby is born. It is true, as woman meets her child earlier. When the baby is in her belly, they can communicate, feel each other’s mood, get sick together and so on. Whether it does or does not make a mother-to-be happy depends on her personality, of course. The same thing is with a father-to-be. The moment he starts to feel responsibility of being a parent totally depends on what kind of person he is.

Generally speaking, within the first couple of years after the baby is born mother’s contribution into his life is way bigger. But the reasons for that mostly have to do with a traditional family order. Woman is the one who’s feeding her child, introducing the world to him, makes him feel safe and develops his personality at the earliest stage. On the other hand, man can do all of this as well, except for the breastfeeding of course. The matter is that the father is usually busy making money and arranging everyday comfort. And isn’t it as important as what his wife does?

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Nevertheless, when father does participate in raising his baby (some men simply don’t, but we are not considering these cases right now), his part in it seems not as big as woman’s. As a rule, the baby’s first word would be “mommy” not “daddy”.

In harmonious family parenting is a good team work. When you talk about good team play, you never underestimate or overestimate certain players’ contribution. To sum up, except for some cases, it is not right to compare who are better parents: men or women.