Children have always been copying their parents’ behavior. It is very easy to notice. Three-year-old girl criticizes her doll for the same faults she was punished earlier. She copies not only her mother’s words, but even mimics and gestures. Parents’ behavior is taken for the model: “I want to do exactly what my mother does”.

This peculiarity of children’s personality is a basis of their upbringing. Imitation of parents’ behavior is the easiest and the most natural way for a child to learn. It is up to parents to help their kid become successful and make his/her life better. One of the ways to do it is to be the best role model. Let him copy the better sides of you. Don’t forget that he will remember not only what you do, but what the other adults around him do as well. So, filter your surrounding and make sure there are pleasant and polite adults around your child.

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Generally speaking, parents wire up their children to take up their lifestyle with their words and actions. From the very first days they lay the foundation of kids’ personality with daily routine, project on them all the mistakes, achievements and victories. Very often a child repeats his parents’ life without even realizing it, even though he is not always proud of what kind of people they are.

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