Psychopaths are identified as people who are emotionally deficient in psychological terms. They lack empathy based upon emotions with their victims and are an important source of moral motivation. Although they have linguistic abilities, they lack complete understanding, which is a capacity to appreciate moral rules responding to their choice of actions. These people are not serialized criminals, as their offenses are usually not significant and are rather considered to be social than legal. A psychopath is one who can get away with illegal or socially objectionable behavior in his own interest.

People suffering from this disorder show a very different behavior when they response to other people’s actions. We can learn from these people the lesson of morality. When we look at them for the first time, they seem to be absolutely normal. They do not show impairment and have above average IQs. But their disorder is related to the severe moral deficit. What is wrong with these people? Why do they use violence to achieve their goals? The answer is the anatomy of the morality found in their minds. Psychopaths face the problem of concealment of their intact intelligence. The part of their brain pertaining to emotions is damaged, which makes them very dangerous. By observing the emotional part of the brain, it can be noted that it has an increased level of activation. Sense power of psychopaths is different from the normal one.

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Neuroscientists have started to recognize specific deficit in psychopathic brain. Their relevant part of brain secretes aversive emotions of anxiety and fear. Therefore, these people never feel when they expect other people to feel bad. Thus, psychopaths never get knowledge from their adverse experience. They commit crimes four times more than other prisoners after being released. Psychopaths hurt other people to achieve what they want – it is just a way to satisfy their desires.

A psychopath has his or her own likes, dislikes and fondness of his or her pleasures. Due to the lack of love, there is also lack of empathy. These people are unable to feel sorry of others in unfortunate situations and hide themselves in other places, whether they have been harmed by someone or not.

Intensity of pain and distress due to schizophrenia is small when compared to social and economic carnage done by psychopaths. They are involved in criminal violations of society’s rules. All psychopaths are not in prisons and many of them use their charm to live in society and leave ruined lives there. These people develop a mechanism that fits to their purposes, makes troubles to common people and casts a pall in their daily interactions. Most of us like to play fair games and expect others to do so, but psychopaths do not share the same attributes.

Psychopaths and other similar disorders show us a new insight into an emotional mess of decision making. We have learnt from history that it is social norm that rules governing explicitly and implicitly. Changes do not occur very quickly and universe is so vast that we tend towards the better and timely justice. We have certainly evolved a new set of moral emotions. The optimistic trend in this entire world demands us to be sympathetic to others.