The Holocaust is a dark page in the history of Europeans. It was genocide of more than six million European Jews during World War II performed by the Nazi Germany. These six million people who were exterminated made two-thirds of the Jews population who had lived in Europe before the Holocaust.

Frankly speaking, for me the question of how the Holocaust happened and why still remains incomprehensible. I’m definitely sure that it is one of the most horrifying and shocking deeds of the humankind. Its victims were tortured in devious ways that eventually led to death. Among those methods there were: internal irrigation, sun lamp, hot bath, freezing, etc. And I think that the generation that lives today should preserve the memory of those events and promote the idea that the Holocaust must never happen again.

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To my mind, this problem should be discussed when children are at school, because people start to form their understanding of the world when they are young and in the adulthood it is rather difficult to change their point of view. There are special museums that dedicate their existence only to education about the Holocaust; there are many books and articles dedicated to those events, as well as special forums and sites. Thus, there are many opportunities to educate children and explain then that despite the fact that we are all different, we are people who have the same rights, who breathe the same air and who have certain dreams and goals to achieve.

To sum up, I’d like to say that we need to be proud that we are all different, as everyone with his or her unique character and abilities is needed. And differences should be the reason to live, but not to die.