The concept of American dream is often used for the description of any nation-wide ideology, which unites the Americans. The variety of nationalities and races, which populate the South American continent, and the historical fact of their unity caused urgent need for the formulation of the exclusive doctrine, which would rally natives from different countries into unique nation.
It is rather an interesting fact that the American dream arose through one and a half centuries after formation of the USA. The concept was included into the book “Epic of America” in 1931 by historian and writer James Truslow Adams. The main idea was that each person, who owns his abilities, energy and diligence, is capable to achieve a lot by fair means in life – become respectable and well-off, or even the President of the country.

However, every inhabitant of the USA puts in this definition his own pictures of the wonderful future. Although such idea is considered by many skeptics as a social utopia, it is one of the brightest motive forces for migration to the United States in the human history.

The analysis of poll’s results testified that those who believe, and those who disbelieves, have very different outlooks on life. At the end of January in 2009 the real possibility of the American dream realization was believed in by 56% of the Americans.

Those who are sure that the American dream is not more, than just a good phrase, tend to blame power. They explain the inability to bring this dream into life by the following statements:

  • “The country’s authorities do not care of such people like me” (44%)
  • “We are not aspired to ideals’ achievement”” (29%)
  • A “cost-of-living is too high” (27%),
  • “I am a pessimist” (10%).

Except for these reasons, there is a recent loss of work places or transition to a low-paid position. All in all, the American dream is one of the good things to believe in, and, who knows, if there were more such pleasant things in life, it could change for the better.