It is absolutely clear that any manifestation of racism bears most negative implications. However, with a closer look and no extra emotional compound, racism can merely be regarded as an idea of diversity, described in respective scientific works. Nevertheless, mentioning any of ethnic, social, political and ideological differences today potentially indicates morbid inequality, violent action, abuse speech, all sorts of prejudice, discrimination and oppression. The phenomenon of racism counts centuries of history, though it is declared to be actively fought against.

We live in a quite a versatile world. The natural equilibrium of ecosystems lies on its participants’ diversity, where none is claimed to be second-rate or irrelevant. The same principles of nature are applicable to humans. There are billions of people on the Earth; therefore, it is natural that we are different. However, none of the animals shows any trait of discriminative behavior or groundless violence, while humans do. Holocausts, Ku Klux Clans and Pogroms have already become a steady component of the way we perceive the world and build our attitude. Therefore, it is not the idea of diversity that causes racism, but the way we consider it.

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Violence on ethnicity grounds is based on a simple life instinct, a reaction of “fight or flight” principle, initially working out in vicinity of danger. Any feeling of dislike or non-admission toward other species of our kind might be a strong derivative of this reaction. We only tend to adapt ideological components post factum in order to gain social approval and hide primitive thinking. Without this component any violence is nothing but primitive action.

A racism phenomenon, therefore, is based more on primitive thinking and individual immaturity, rather than on ideology. This provides a new vantage point to racism backgrounds based on individual human behavior.