All of us are born in a family, which lives in a certain country at a specific point of time. Our outlook and perspective in life are largely shaped by the environment, in which we live. The inputs we have in our life would determine what kind of people we grow up to become. What goes into our minds can greatly influence what comes out of it later. No matter where a person is born and raised up, a wide exposure to other cultures and lands would have a profound influence on having the right perspective of the world around us.

For instance, people who are born in a rich and affluent country will never be aware of the poverty and misery that people in poorer nations go through. Of course, they might see pictures or news reports on TV of poor people in some third world nation, but those few minutes may not make a large impact on their lives. But if they travel to those countries and have first-hand experience of the living conditions in those regions, then their outlook on life itself would change. In fact, many people, who go through such experiences, come back with a much greater appreciation for the comforts and the kind of lifestyle that they enjoy in their own country.

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Likewise, people in underdeveloped nations need to be exposed to the advancements in developed countries, so that their minds were not limited by the restrictions imposed by their poverty. There are many grant programs that enable students from third world countries study in the developed nations of the world. They need to make use of this wonderful opportunity to develop their resources and expand the limits of their mind.

This kind of mutual exposure would go a long way in promoting understanding between peoples of different cultures, races and languages. Travel can therefore promote understanding and communication between the different nations of the world.