Why Are People Still Superstitious?

Despite the fact that science is developing by leaps and bounds, the majority of people still have certain superstitions. Why is it so? I think that it is one of many interesting peculiarities of our mind and psychology, which are hard to explain, but still exist.

To my mind, people are superstitious, because they don’t like tranquility, though always complain that they want it more than everything. If they don’t have something to grumble about, they are not truly happy, as it seems to them that their life is incomplete. Of course, it is true of not all the people, but there are many who suit this description. To tell you the truth, I don’t like such people, as they don’t know how to be happy in this life and usually don’t achieve much. For them superstition is a kind of hobby.

As for the other people who believe in superstitions, especially those who are young, I think that they do it just for fun and as a tribute to their parents, who taught them to knock on wood, avoid black cats and read horoscopes.

On the whole, I think that superstitions are a way of people’s entertainment and everything here is based on self-persuasion. If you believe that you will have unfortunate day because of a black cat, you will have it due to your belief, but not because of the animal.

As for me, I believe only in some of superstitions just because it is fun. In the majority of cases, I just like listening to stories about superstitious people, as it is interesting how far they can go in their beliefs despite scientific and technological progress.