Effects of Divorce Upon Children

When people say that divorce is one of the most difficult realities for children, I agree with them, as I was one of such kids. But still, I think that it is not reasonable to continue relationships with a person whom you don’t love anymore, or even hate only because of kids. To my mind, the effect of such relationships will be even worse, and I will try to explain why.

It is clear that children perceive the world in a way that differs from adults’ one. They know what they want and when they don’t get it, they cry, or scream, or express their emotions in another way. Divorce is a difficult and unpleasant event in life of any person, and children become its victims as well. Of course, they don’t want to lose the possibility of seeing another parent less frequently than another, and thus they express their disappointment in a way usual for them. People start to think that children shouldn’t suffer because of it, and maybe they should try to restore the relationships and so on. But, unfortunately, such tries often end with nothing good and children suffer even more.

On the whole, I think that such attempts are useless, as they will bring more harm than good both for parents and children. Kids have to be brought up in a loving and facilitating atmosphere that shows them how to live in this world and in what way to organize relationships with people. Thus, when living in the atmosphere of constant quarrels and offence, children can grow up to be too shy, or even aggressive.

Looking back into my past, I think that I am completely satisfied with the state of events that were in my life. Yes, I saw my father about once a year, but I was growing in the atmosphere of trust and love, for which I am thankful to my mother and grandparents.

On the whole, divorce has a lot of negative consequences for children, but at the same time it can save them from miserable and unsatisfying future.