The concept of torture can take on many different connotations. It can actually mean different things to each person based on his/her belief system. And the term can also differ in meaning based on the context in which it is used. Some people would define torture as the unlawful misery inflicted upon an innocent person. Others might say that it is a punishment imposed upon a person as a result of his or her actions. Some people might even consider the use of force by law enforcement officials to get information from suspected criminals as torture.

So, this concept can actually be considered from various perspectives with different shades of meaning. The question as to whether torture is acceptable again depends on which particular form of it the question refers to. Of course, not all forms of torture might be acceptable. Nothing done in an unlawful manner to an innocent party can be acceptable by any means. Everyone would be unanimous in agreeing that this kind of torture is not acceptable.

But when it comes to other forms, the issue can get quite tricky. For instance, some people might label any kind of punishment as torture. Solitary confinement, capital and other forms of punishment are still meted out by law to offenders, but some people can consider these as torture, while others might claim that it is a lawful form of retribution for an unlawful act. So, the whole debate on torture can center on whether or not it is acceptable to punish unlawful behavior. Until that question is resolved completely, we may have to wait to get a comprehensive answer on torture.