Women get maternity leave when there comes time to have a baby. They would normally avail of this leave a couple of days before the delivery date and continue on for a certain period of time after the baby is born. The duration of the maternity leave would differ from country to country and from state to state within the same country. Apart from maternity leave, paternity leave is also available. Not only is the mother allowed to take leave during pregnancy and child birth, but the father is also provided with a certain measure of the same benefits.

Some might see this as a good idea, whereas others may feel that it is taking things a little far. Since the mother is inseparably involved in pregnancy and childbirth, it is understandable when she gets maternity leave. But the necessity of paternity leave for a father is not easily understood by most people. Until and unless men go through fatherhood, they may never really understand the role of the man during pregnancy and childbirth.

Just as both man and woman are involved in conception, they both have a part to play during pregnancy and childbirth phases. Of course, the role of a woman is much more important than that of a man, but he also has a part to play, especially in assisting his wife in fulfillment of her role. Especially during the later stages of pregnancy, when a woman finds it difficult to perform many of the regular chores, her husband has to chip in and do her duties. After the baby is born, he might have to take care of his wife as well as of the baby. So, men also need paternity leave, but for the other purposes, still not less important than that of a woman.