I believe that every person deep down his soul believes in love from the first sight at some stage of life. As for me, I am not an exception, and when I was a ten-year-old girl, I was also sure that such love exists and that sooner or later I would encounter it. Now a lot has changed, and I know from my own experience that this love exists, but not in the form I thought of when I was a child.

I am not the kind of person who falls in love all the time and I can distinguish the true feeling from the state of passion. When looking back at my life, I see different people who mattered a lot to me at different stages of my life. And what united them is that from the first sight I could assess whether I could go out with the person and how far will the possible relationship lead.

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I still remember my first impression when I saw my future husband. I thought that he was so cute that he must be lady’s man, but I would definitely like being his lady. And here I am, three years after that first meeting, a happy wife of a loving and nice husband. Frankly speaking, I thought him to be too handsome a man to be faithful, but in that moment I was definitely wrong. Anyway, I am sure that I will remember these thoughts and feelings for the rest of my life and they will always remind me that this person is my destiny and that I don’t want to ever lose him.

Thus, my perception of the love from the first sight is that one can define whether the person is interesting for him right away and that the only thing that is important to take into account is to believe this insight and not to simply ignore it. Of course, you can be wrong, but what if not?