This essay is aimed to overview a concept of violence showcased by individuals and how it is manifested and expressed in their behavior.

Is violence a learned or genetically inherited behaviour?

Violence is recognized as a form of aggression. Many reasons may become a boost of an aggressive behaviour of the kind just like unfavourable circumstances or social situations that happen daily in the life of individuals. The reaction of every individual can be different on the same situation though. Thus short tempered persons and those who are not able to put a halter upon their emotions because of the environment that constantly changes will usually behave irrationally. They feel frustration, which becomes a reason for anger and causes a violent behaviour.

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Taking a look in the dictionaries will show us the meaning of violence that is “the intentional use of power or physical force, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person or against a group or community that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, mal-development or deprivation.” (Dahlberg and Krug 2002 as cited in CDC, 2013) This definition is the best one that defines and describes violence with all the aspects related to it.

According to psychologists, violent traits are rather inherent in nature than learned. Consequently genetics does play a big role for behaviour of an individual.

How is violence expressed in behaviour of an individuals?

Violence can be expressed in various ways. Thus, individuals can exhibit violence in the following psychological, physical, or even sexual form. Also, by neglecting another person. This way, violence is usually takes place inside the family, friends and even be spread in the communities. It may get a global form as in the situation of war between nations. We can see how violence affected the whole civilizations. The historical facts prove us that wars which are based on violence have ruined and taken millions of people’s lives. Sure, violent action may be easily justified, however, in the end, behaviour of the kind may be a choice of an individual’s perception.

Self violence is another type of aggression that is expressed in self assault or suicide commitment. Frequently when an individual cannot adapt to the changes happening in the external environment in society, namely at work or at home, or even inside the country, he tends to a harmful behaviour towards himself.

Such behaviour is usually caused by the lack of self-confidence and a feeling of inferiority that results in frustration. Hence, when an individual tries to take control of the situation, he can easily direct an anger towards those are around. The best example that illustrates this way of behaviour is domestic violence that is spread around towards children, women, as well as elder relatives.

Violence may take a collection outlook, which has a lot to do with political and religious views. In the past we could see how violent attacks against the members of various communities or religious sects. The war between the nations takes lives, sometimes destructs the whole civilization, which is a result of violent actions.


Violence may be of various types and can be expressed in psychological, physical, and sexual form. Behaving aggressively, an individual is showing its animal nature. According to psychologists violent behaviour is inherent but can be managed though, which also includes self violence that is based on the lack of self confidence.