Marriage has always been one of the most significant events in the lives of individuals and an integral part of their life beings. Marriage has always been associated with family, a union of two people who create one unit and give birth to other people. With the flow of time the people’s values are changing and an attitude to necessity of marriage has become a little bit different as well. Nowadays both men and women stop thinking of it as of something important or truly valuable. One of the reasons is sex rivalry.

The meaning of marriage for women in a modern world

It has always been widespread that the couple of people who have been dating for a long period of time will once think of getting married, especially when their relatives and friends pay too much interest on their relationships and constantly ask about their plans for the future. Sometimes, both partners may feel pressure from people around and start worrying about others’ opinions, which accelerates their decision to get married.

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Is marriage so valuable nowadays? This is the burning issue for lots of young people around the globe who are becoming older, usually above the age 25-30. Commonly, getting married for a woman used to mean gaining her financial security and access to numerous legal rights. However, the growth of a feminist movement established the legal rights for women, so that the value of marriage became less important for them. They can easily get higher education and prestigious workplaces as well, which helps them earn a living and be successful in a society. Also, there’s no longer a necessity in a marriage license to visit the partner when the one is in the hospital.

Pros and cons of getting married

The other side of marriage is that it doesn’t guarantee anything, even if the relationships are signed and sealed in a document. On many occasions, a woman is more likely to put hopes on marriage believing that it will give her confidence in the relationships, namely increase the chances of not being cheated by a man. Nevertheless, that’s all time’s illusion. The man who doesn’t respect its partner and their relations will be able to have some extra relations no matter the status legally documented.

Another fear of the past times for most women was not to get married when they are ready to give birth to a child. Nowadays, it’s no longer a terrifying fact for a woman to remain alone and bring up a child on her own. Moreover, the number of unmarried women who give birth to children is growing up every day. Children who are brought up by a single parent may be not less happy than those from families where two partners made a wrong decision when they got married. Usually, passion and love “until the death do us part” fades away within the first three years after the step into a new period of life is made.


Marriage doesn’t guarantee security in a relationship, neither it is important for both women and man in a modern world to get married. Nowadays, marriage doesn’t provide the legal rights that are vitally significant. Marriage is a formal thing more than a necessary one. Trust is the only thing that gives people security, reliable relationships and long-term happiness.